Eco Concepts Green Concepts 13 Cleaner & Degreaser -Ga;



No VOCs. Safer use and disposal. Low foam cleaning in any equipment. Can be used with a mop, spray and wipe, floor equipment, pressure washers, etc. Green liquid, no fragrance added. DfE, Green Seal™, EcoLogo™ GECA, Kosher, PETA.A versatile, heavy duty cleaner and degreaser formulated for the safer and more powerful cleaning of grease, oil from kitchen floors and other heavy soiling from hard surfaces. Safer to use on concrete, terrazzo, quarry tiles, plastics, ceramics, rubber, glass, enamel, formica, stainless steel, painted, varnished and other surfaces. Particularly effective in removing rubber tire marks and other hard to remove stains without affecting the underlying surface coating.
Gal., 4/cs